Online vocal training

We offer vocal training classes through social media applications like WhatApp, Face book Messenger, IMO and Skype. It doesn't matter the distance and your location. We are reachable wherever you are.

Vocal training on phone

Our training sessions are available on phone calls too. If you are located in India we will take care of the phone charge. Spend half an hour per day with us on phone and make your voice strong and effective.

Vocal training to church choir

Would you like to modify and improve your church choir? We are ready to help you. Invite us for a Training programme or a seminar on voice training. Fix an appointment with me prior to the event.

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    Welcome to the World of voice training.
    We help you to improve and
    maintain the quality of your voice.

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    Take care of your voice.
    Because it's the only voice you've got !

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    Effective voice training sessions on
    phone, skype, WhatsApp and so on.

  • Take care of your voice.
    Because it's the only voice you've got !

Vision and Mission

Human voice is a great biological miracle. But most often we take the voice for granted. From the basic form of communication to various art forms human voice plays a vital role. It is, of course, central to poetry, drama, storytelling, oratory, liturgy, film, auditorium design, choral music and the song, and important in fashion, video, cuisine and computer games. It would be hard to imagine painting, sculpture and architecture that did not profit from and develop through conversation and real-time verbal comment. The voice is an adaptation of the most fundamental of all metabolic processes—breathing, breathing systen, ears and toungue. Co ordination of mind and emotional aspects also play a vital role in producing human voice. For a good quality voice these things has to be trained.
Vocal care gives awareness that the human voice has to be preserved. Because each voice is unique and your voice is your identity. It has its own beauty. Through effective vocal and breathing exercises vocal care gives training to improve the beauty, strength and range of your voice. This training will be useful for singers, preachers and all those who engage with a profession that uses human voice. Special training programmes are available for church choirs. The most attractive part of Vocal Care is that it is available through online also.


About me

I am Rev. Stephen Joseph, a presbyter in the South Kerala Diocese of Church of South India. Music is my passion and one of the means to serve humanity through its healing energy. As a teenager I was amazed and attracted by the Christian rock band 'Petra'. My search for building a qualitative human voice directed me to the world of vocal training. During my pastoral ministry I have encuntered many singers and choir members and I felt that proper vocal training at the right time might have created several professional singers. Many people are singing without knowing how to sing and taking care of their voice. Through Vocal Care I am trying to make awareness that your voice can be improved with proper vocal training. I am deeply indebted to my diocese (web link) for the support. I also would like to thank Christian Resource Centre (fb link) that gave me a platform to grow in my music experiments. I wish and pray that let this attempt be glory to God alone.

Why Vocal Care

Vocal care is effective and poweful. More than a theoritical study Vocal Care helps you to improve and maintain the quality of your voice through vocal and breathing exercises. Special attention is given to singers to improve their quality of voice and to overcome common singing challenges like pitch sustaining, singing off key, running out of air, blurring over the words, weak voice, nasal voice, high octave singing, etc. Vocal Care will bring drastic change and improvement in your voice if you have a passion to improve. Amazingly our online courses offer more comfortable learning environment. Training materials are electronically sent to the student, who will then read and listen them and complete assignments. He/she will not have to fight traffic, find parking spaces, leave work early to go to class, or miss important family time. Convenience and flexibility is the key feature of Vocal Care. It gives trainees the opportunity to plan their study time around the rest of their day. One can study and work when they are at their peak energy, whether that's early morning or late at night. Course material is always accessible online. All of these make Vocal Care a good option for trainees who need to balance their work and family commitments.

Your voice quality can be improved

Services we offer

Online Vocal Training

Our service is available on popular social media applications like WhatsApp, Imo, Facebook Messenger and Skype. Duration of this training is 10 days. This enables you to attend our training programmes no matter wherever you are. Many people are gifted with natural singing ability. But they are not able to protect their voice due to busy schedule of work and family. Our online vocal training classes are designed in such a way that it should not affect your schedules. By offering online vocal training we try our level best to make awareness that human voice must be taken care.

Vocal Training by phone

Vocal training through phone is an another option for you to get our service available. Duration of this training is 15 days and there will be 30 minutes of class in a day. You can select a convenient timing for this training. You may be a singer, preacher, artist or anyone who use voice. Our training programmes will make you professional in your area. If you have any problem with your voice our service is a phone call away. Just call us and we are ready to help you. 

Workshop on Vocal training

This is suitable for groups like church choirs and music bands. You can arrange a half day or a whole day training session. We will come and offer our training. If you have plan to start or modify your church choir or music band we are ready to help. You may be singing for a long time but need to refresh your voice? Vocal care is the best choice for you at this time. 

Vocal Clubs

Weekly/Monthly vocal clubs are another feature of our service. A group of 5 to 20 people can form a Vocal club. This will enable you to be focused in your goal of achieving vocal quality. Vocal Club is a celebration of friendship and fellowship in the ambiance of  Bible study. Call us if you wish to start a Vocal club in your locality.


Courses we offer

Course VC 1- Vocal Care on whatsapp

This course is offered through social media applications like WhatsApp, Imo or Facebook Messenger. In this course a vocal assignement is send to the trainee preferably in the morning. She/he has to listen it carefully and reply me as audio file which will be assessed and suggestions will be given to improve vocal quality. You can reply your audio message at any time of the day without affecting your work/job schedule.

Course VC 2- Vocal Care on Phone

This course is offered through phone calls. In this course vocal exercises will be taught through the phone calls. Trainee will be directed to sing and speak as the vocal and breathing exercies requier. 30 minutes of class time will be there in a day and this class time has to be prefixed. Phone calls will be free if you reside in India.

Course VC 3- Vocal Care on Skype

This course is offerd through skype calls. In this course vocal exercises will be taught through the skype calls. Trainee will be directed to sing and speak as the vocal and breathing exercies requier. 30 minutes of class time will be there in a day and this class time has to be prefixed.

Course VC 4- Offline Vocal Care Training

This is an offline mode of teaching. Interested person/organization/church choirs can invite me as a resourse person for vocal training programmes. The time requiered for this training is 4 hours. You are also welcome to attend my weekly Vocal Clubbs. For this courses you need to book an appointment with me by phone.

Offer for you

You can join any course of Vocal Care without paying the registration fee. For this offer you have to do a small work for our facebook page promotion. First of all you need to reserve a date for work. On that day between 12 AM to 9 PM you have to bring certain number of likes to our page by inviting your friends. For the course VC 1- 50 likes, for the coure VC 2 and VC 3- 200 likes and for the course VC 4- 500 likes has to be made within that 21 hours. For more details contact me or visit youtube and facebook. Book an appointment with Vocal Care using SetMore


Contact Us

Rev.S.Stephen Joseph
Chandana Malika, Dhanuvachapuram 695503
Thiruvananthapuram District
Kerala, India
Phone +91 9846490437


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